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To date EPISTROMO is offering the following types of service to support its main technology development:

  1. Consultation in the area of MOCVD processing, dealing with anything starting from tool selection and purchase, follow-ups regarding tool acceptance procedures, demo process, on-site and off-site customer support, process development, hardware maintenance, repair and upgrade.

  2. Small quantity epi-service on various substrates including Si, SiC and Sapphire but not limiting by them.

EPISTROMO LLC is setting up a production facility for epitaxial growth of a number of device structures. Any company which is interested to outsource such an activity is welcome to contact us. We consider different ways of operation at the moment, as follows:

  1. Tool collocation. A company‘s own tool will be located and operated at our premises. The tool owner will have remote tool access to run recipes no one else (including us) can see. We just help with loading and unloading, wafer shipment and tool maintenance.

  2. Rent a tool. The tool is our property but the rest is like #1.

  3. Run processes on your behalf. Similar like #1 and #2, but we run our own processes and control the specifications by ourselves.

  4. Process development. We help you to accelerate the process development based on your requirements.

  5. Training. Together with tool vendors we provide a training service for your employees.

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