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Any and specially such an ambitious project like ours requires a sufficient financing. We aren’t in a different situation comparing to many start-ups out there.

But comparing to most of them we aren’t targeting multi-million investment before get down to work and… burn those money finally.

How we differ:

  1. The very basic, but working pilot equipment we plan to built by ourselves, without a huge investment from a 3rd party. The availability of additional investment at the moment would just speed up the things and will be appreciated. We are permanently looking for European Projects Funding opportunities and applying for them.

  2. When the time will come to build a facility and fill it with all required equipment we are not asking for direct investment either! Instead we are offering to our potential investor or better to our partner to own that facility and give it for rent to our company. Thus reducing its investment risk to the lowest possible level. We will be just operating the facility.

  3. Despite the necessity to develop a new kind of MOCVD equipment we won’t sell it as an equipment company. We delegate its production to our partner. Therefore we keep our focus on wafer deposition.

  4. We actually do not compete with companies doing epitaxy either. Instead we offer all of them to use our facility and make their own products with their own IP. They could use it only to cover the demand spikes or from the ground up not having a single MOCVD unit in a ownership.

  5. And obviously we don’t compete with device makers. Remember? - A single process only.

N.B. The risk of running the tool idle is the lowest in such circumstances. That would further reduce the running cost.

In overall one can see it as a MOCVD foundry, where due to the MOCVD technology perfection, a cost effective location and economy of scale a huge number of MOCVD tools come together and any researcher, a start-up or a big company will have a direct access to the tool time in a flexible manner. No longer need to buy a multi-million equipment to prove the own ideas.

On top of that we offer a cost effective location within a European Union with 0% tax on investment from the EU and 5% out the EU. The country’s corporate and personal tax rate is 10% flat. One of the lowest rate Worldwide.

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